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What type of landlords insurance do I need for a flat?

What type of insurance do I need for a flat

What type of landlords insurance
do I need for a buy to let flat?

Requirements for insuring a rental flat are often different to those for other types of private rented properties. Here are some of the types of insurance products you might want to consider for your buy-to-let-flat. Typically landlords insurance is a packaged insurance product. It comprises of a number of the insurances such as those listed below.

Building insurance

The owner of your leasehold is likely to already have buildings insurance in place for your property. So if you are searching for a policy for a leasehold flat you may not need this type of coverage. Talking to specialist brokers can help you to understand if your leasehold owners offer complete coverage for this.

Landlords Liability insurance

This is specialist product for property owners. This type of proprietor insurance is particularly beneficial for renting buy to let flats. For example if tenants in your let flat resulted in damage to other properties in the same building you would be protected. Third party liability insurance if the tenant destroys the structure of the property. For example the windows or doors or the property and other items that would be typically covered by the buildings insurance.

Contents insurance

Even if your property is unfurnished you may still benefit from contents insurance. It may be possible that you need fixtures and fitting coverage for your leased property. These are not typically covered by buildings insurance so you might have greater peace of mind choosing a policy with some level of contents coverage for a buy-to-let apartment.

Other insurances

Owners renting out a flat may also consider rent guarantee insurances and emergency cover. Emergency cover can be added for a wide range of property fixtures and fittings. Malicious damage coverage is also often sought by our customers.

Landlord insurance for flats is a specialist product combining aspects of these to give you the peace of mind you need.

Many of our panel of insurers also offer contents insurance for communal areas. This is usually typically of interest to our clients who own flats, who often have a shared entrance hall, car parking and gardens.

Where can I find an insurance specialist for buy-to-let flat investors?

We can arrange your ideal landlord insurance, our brokerage service is free and will save you time and money. We can also offer independent advice on the types and levels of coverage you need. We can offer the best let flat quotations from a wide range of underwriters. Getting insurance from us begins by completing a short online form. This gathers the essential information for an initial quotation. This information is used by a specialist insurance broker, who will know the best ways to reduce your premium. Please contact us today to find out more about how we can help arrange coverage for your let flat.


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