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How do i find specialist landlord insurance?

How do i find specialist landlord insurance?

How do i find specialist landlord insurance?

No two property portfolios look the same. There are many reasons your rental properties may be different to most. Plenty of landlords do not fit neatly into most insurance underwriter’s categorisations. It may be that you let to with tenants in higher risk insurance groups, or maybe have a property with commercial and residential usage. This does not mitigate your need for insurance, and you will still need a policy that brings you peace of mind.

When do I need special conditions for my landlord insurance?

In the unfortunate scenario where you must claim on your insurance, you want to know you are covered. Knowing when you need specialist insurance is essential to prevent disappointment. If you consider property let is special, you are right to pay attention to your insurance clauses in the early stages of procurement. Choosing landlord insurance over regular home and contents cover is a good first step in ensuring you have the coverage you need, but this could add to your frustration if it is invalid due to policy conditions that do not match your circumstances.

What are some examples of special circumstances for landlord insurance?

Sometimes it will be clear that you need a bespoke policy. A landlord with multiple properties would find a bespoke policy better suited to their requirements. However this may not be as clear in other circumstances. For example some insurers will not cover certain groups of high risk tenants, for example dss or asylum seekers. It may be that you plan to use a room as an airbnb premises, this could invalidate your insurance. If you property is a HMO you may need different coverage. Even leaving your home unlet could affect your ability to make a claim.

How do I know if I need special coverage?

If you are unsure whether you need special coverage for your property it may be a good idea to speak to a insurance broker. Our brokers are available to discuss your situation and can offer free advice service for your rental insurance. Brokers should ask the necessary questions to uncover facts to be highlighted during your insurance application process.

How do I find an rental insurance policy for my unique situation?

We are available to offer free and unbiased advice on how to get the best insurance policy to meet your specialist requirements. We recommend completing the form on the website . From here we can then work with underwriters on your behalf to find a policy that matches your unique property. Whether you are renting out a bedsit or a castle we can help you find a policy that gives you the right coverage.


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