How do I find the best discount landlords insurance ?

How do I find the best discount landlords insurance

How do I find the best discount landlords insurance ?

Searching on the internet is a really good way to find a tailored bespoke discount landlords insurance policy. There are certain cases where a policy will not have flood cover and this may be down to the location of the property in relation to rivers and flood plains. It is really important that landlords  get cheap landlord insurance as otherwise they may not be competitive in the longer term. Checking the excess is really important as in some cases there can be a really high excess regarding subsidence and mine shaft which can effect the structural integrity of a building. Another way to find the best deal is to find a specialist broker who focuses on a particular sector for landlords to get  unique cover that will cover certain types of tenants  eg Students and DSS or asylum seekers.

Once you have found the right type of broker (  that covers all tenants including DSS ) then its of paramount importance that you supply all the correct information and disclose any claims that could have occurred in previous years.

All claims must be disclosed or else it may mean that the policy becomes null and void and then the policyholder will not get paid out on a claim. This then totally makes the policy totally un worthwhile and counter productive. Once you have obtained several cheap quotes then it is really important that you tell each broker what is the best price that you have had and then they can compete to see who can get the very lowest premium in the market. Sometimes it will be possible to get a cheap landlord quote that  requires no deposit and the whole amount can be financed with a company like premium credit, or close premium finance. Doing  a comparison if its office or a commercial building  at  renewal is really the best to hammer down the renewal price and keep the running cost low for the landlord.  For a fast landlord quote that provides the best discount then click here



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