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Can I make a claim on my landlord insurance policy after it has finished?

Away on holiday? Left someone else in charge or it has taken you a week to notice the entire kitchen is missing? You may feel hard done by, but like most insurance packages, the expiry date is when your policy cover ends. However, as with any custom new build landlord insurance you can include parts that safeguard you. Most insurers offering buy to let cover understand the principles of letting. Which is why they included a 30 to 90 day cooling off period within any year long or rent term related policy coverage. This suggests that even if the policy coverage has ended, it will still allow you to deal with previous tenancy issues. Outside of renewal periods, renewal quotes and not connected to backdated cover whatsoever. It's an entirely separate cover that understands you may not see everything on the day the tenant departs.

Can I make a claim on my landlord insurance policy after it has finished. What is the maximum time span?

So can I make a claim on my landlord insurance policy after it has finished? Yes and no. Read through the terms and seek out any reference to extended cover periods. Or a claims period for when a recent tenancy ends. It may refer to taking certain precautions and to show you have done all you could to notice the problems or issues beforehand. the type of claims that could be followed up even after a policy has ended are; loss of rent recovery, pursuit in criminal courts of stolen property or damage. Every insurer will demand to be informed of a new tenant and in these situations, have vetted and agreed to them being in your property in the first place. As long as you have it written in that there is an extended period of cover and the reason for the claim is included you should be covered.

For those still asking "Can I make a claim on my landlord insurance quote after it has finished?" having read their terms, you can give us a call for advice or ring your previous insurer for more details. Insurance tends to be associated to a property rather than a tenancy agreements alone. In which case the former may not allow for overlaps. You will always be provided notice of a policy expiring and any renewal quote will be valid for at least 30 days. Though in the main not back dated. Always write in de extended periods of coverage, it may mean you paying extra but a property with tenant and being uninsured will cost you much more in the long run.

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Landlords Insurance protects the owner of the property for unforeseen events that may occur whilst the property is rented out.  It is created for a landlord’s rental property, both residential and commercial. At its most simple, landlords insurance provides protection for landlords against the costs of property repairs or reconstruction as a result of disasters such, fire flood or subsidence. The basic Landlord Insurance policy provides valuable disaster insurance, should these events happen  to a property, and is often a necessity  for obtaining a mortgage or other finance secured on the property. As a low level  level of protection, Landlords Insurance should pay out for the total rebuild cost of the  landlords property when it has been damaged.

Landlords insurance also provide landlords with liability cover should a third party suffer an injury at the property and hold the landlord responsible for injuries or damages that have happened. It is very important to find the right Landlord Insurance so as the landlord peace of mind to know that all possibilities are covered and particularly that the insurance will pay for the loss of rent whilst the repairs are being done. By comparing the whole market it is possible to see which insurer is offering the best deal and also see which has the best additional features.

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