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Depending on where you have bought buy to let properties, your houses and flats may be much needed by visiting students. Where do you go for the best student's landlord insurance advice? We would think the most appropriate person to answer such questions would be a landlord insurance brokerage such as ourselves. Many first time landlords can be deterred from letting to people who are renting as a student in a university or college town. Mainly due to horror stories they hear from others. In the main however, if you know what to expect and are prepared for situations that may unfold, it's a stable form of rental income. This group within the rental market tends not to have a full time job providing sustainable income or enable proper referencing of tenants to take place.

Instead, you can demand the guarantor sign the documents as well as the tenant i.e. their parent or guardian. You can do reference checks on the person paying you the rental some for the forthcoming period. This way the person paying is responsible for any damage or claims that might be made, late payments or other scenario and you have the law on your side to gain full payment back. Term time lets is not usually a problem for a student, while they may wish to return home for holidays, most students tend to stay in the town they study in all year round for two to seven years. While a broker offering students landlord insurance advice will warn you of the dangers of student letting and additional costs of maintenance, it really is a lucrative source of continuous income. The risks far outweigh the potential profit even with student landlord premiums heightened slightly.

Students Landlord Insurance Advice For New Landlords

Due to the demand for housing before the beginning of a new term which is August to September. You may actually find students looking for a property to rent as early as January or February. So those students who have been renting your buy to let property for the last four years, can simply hand the keys to the new student tenant. Some of the horror stories can be true. In most cases, students, being young teenagers who like to party and have friends around. Furniture and fixtures may get worn quicker or damaged accidental more often. In such cases you simply need to ensure you have the correct cover for contents values, new for old, have malicious damage cover and an affordable level of excess for claims. Find out more by calling today for instant cover.




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Landlords Insurance protects the owner of the property for unforeseen events that may occur whilst the property is rented out.  It is created for a landlord’s rental property, both residential and commercial. At its most simple, landlords insurance provides protection for landlords against the costs of property repairs or reconstruction as a result of disasters such, fire flood or subsidence. The basic Landlord Insurance policy provides valuable disaster insurance, should these events happen  to a property, and is often a necessity  for obtaining a mortgage or other finance secured on the property. As a low level  level of protection, Landlords Insurance should pay out for the total rebuild cost of the  landlords property when it has been damaged.

Landlords insurance also provide landlords with liability cover should a third party suffer an injury at the property and hold the landlord responsible for injuries or damages that have happened. It is very important to find the right Landlord Insurance so as the landlord peace of mind to know that all possibilities are covered and particularly that the insurance will pay for the loss of rent whilst the repairs are being done. By comparing the whole market it is possible to see which insurer is offering the best deal and also see which has the best additional features.

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